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One day in the latter months of 2008 I Jennifer was surfing the internet looking for a job. It was while I was surfing the internet I was drawn to Ann Sieg book 'The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing'.

I then downloaded the book because it was free. I started to read it and I couldn't put it down.

When I was reading this book she mentioned her other book 'The Renegade Marketer'. In this book she said that it is best to have your own website.

She recommended 'Site Built It'. Site Built It is made by an Internet company call SiteSell.com.

'Site Built It' is a software which shows you how to build your website successfully, and it shows you the right things to do to get your website accepted by the major Search Engines.

I took her advise and the rest as they say is history. I purchase the software and step by step I started to build this website. Afterwards I decided to recommend these two books by Ann Sieg on my website to know more visit my article on "Network Marketing Lies"

Then little by little I put more and more contents and that is how I build this website with 'Site Built It' software.

When I started I didn't know anything about HTML. When I first started I was wondering what on earth is that.

I love Network Marketing, and I know that it has helped many people to become millionaires.

I was like many people trapped in a dead end job thinking there was no way out. I come to know about Network Marketing 2 years ago by a friend.

My plans are to let as many people as possible know that they can make their lives better, and not just solely relying on their 9 - 5 jobs.

Did you know that in the network marketing circle there is a saying JOB means (Just Over Broke). I thought I just run that by you.

The name 'Recommend-Network-Marketing' came about because network marketing is about recommending something whether it is about a book, a product or service.

If you read a book that could help someone for example, tips on how to build a successful business. Wouldn't you tell someone about that book? Believe it or not that is network marketing. This is why I give it this name.

My plans is to help as many people as possible by showing them a solution to their problems. As you can see that is what I try to implement in my web pages. I am not saying that I can solve everyone's problems, but I hope that I can solve someone problems.

One example, of solving someone's problems is to tell them that they can make money online, and the ways to do it; which is in the page title 'Make Money Online'.

So you see that is how it all started.

I would say if you have a dream to make your life better don't give up on that dream.

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