"Build Downline And Earn Residual Income"

Build Downline large enough, and theoretically collect commissions from hundreds or even thousands of salesmen/saleswomen, and many levels deep.

You see, this means you are earning money not only from your own efforts, but from other people's efforts as well.

Having a downline within your network marketing business can do wonders for you and helps you to achieve your dreams.

Here are Ways to Build a Downline:

(a) Look for as many free advertising resources as possible for example, look up free advertising in an internet search.

(b) Start a folder on your computer and call the title 'Free Advertising' This will be helpful for you to put your favourite resources in there.

(c) You can look for Safelists so that you can send e-mails that will not be classed as spam. It is helpful if you join as many free Safelists as you can.

(d) Only join as many as the e-mails you will be able to send out. You can send e-mails out to these lists everyday.

(e) If you can, try and vary your advertisement so that it will be slightly different.

(f) You can start to gather e-mail addresses by setting up your own subscription mailing lists.

(g) If possible find something that you can give away as an incentive for your customers to sign up for your mailing list. For example, an e-book.

Build Downline by advertising online.

(h) Build downline by ensuring that you put your URL for your business opportunity in your signature line of your e-mail.

This will in return give someone a once in a life time opportunity to click on it to see what your business is about.

(I) Find free classified advertising sites and post your advertisements in them as often as you are allowed.

(j) When you are advertising try to appeal to what people are looking for.

(k) It is a good idea if you join forums and business networks. By doing so, you will be able to talk about your business opportunity without forcing it on them.

(l)You can do some online advertising as well.

(m) Try and get some business cards printed and carry them every where you go.

Build downline because it is your key in gaining Residual Income and eventual wealth.

As the distributors in your downline generate revenue by recruiting new distributors, selling products and services, you will earn commission.

When you have dozens or even hundreds of people sharing your opportunity, and selling your products/services your business could go into a higher gear.

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