" Direct Mail Advantages Gives You The Opportunity To Build Your Warm List"

Direct mail advantages are:

(1) You are able to make contact with a potential customer.

(2) It has a secret element to it because you are not in competition with the same prospect or customer.

(3) It is more personal because you can direct your letter to the specific needs of the reader.

(4) You will be able to build your list from loyal customers for future direct mail campaigns.

Direct Mail Advantages.  Mail arrives in mailbox without interrupting anyone.

(5) It is targeted. You see, money is spent efficiently on customers who are potential buyers for your products.

(6) It reaches masses of people, in fact thousands of people can see your message all on the same day, or within several days, with direct mail. You see, direct mail arrives in the mailbox without interrupting anyone.

(7) The message is received when the recipient decides to open the envelop or package.

(8) It teases for interest.

For example a well written letter, a thought-provoking brochure may be the only way to get the attention of some potential customers.

(9) It saves time. Some people tend to be busier than ever, so even if a customer wants to talk to you, there may not be a good time to connect you by phone.

(10) Other advantages is that it saves the personal intervention and still delivers the message.

(11) It doesn't intrude. Attach your business cards to brochures.

Direct mail advantages are - it is measurable because you can get a feedback of how many people respond to your products for example, your brochures or magazines.

I will tell you about sending of brochures in the next page.

Direct mail is one of the ways you can surely build your warm list because it is a list made by you.

The customers also knows and trust you.

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