Drip Marketing - Is it really Effective?

What exactly is drip marketing? Well, it is really a direct advertising method which includes giving out a range of marketing pieces for a long duration of time towards a subset of sales prospects.

Law Twenty Nine

This marketing was created as a result of a law known as Law Twenty Nine.    With this Law Twenty Nine countless marketing experts think that the average potential customer will in no way convert to a client unless they looked at his or her advertising message no less than twenty nine times.   Even though I don't actually agree with this Law of Twenty Nine, I really do fully understand the reason behind it; because it is very important that the internet marketer remain in contact with his or her existing, as well as, potential customers. 

Question about Strategy

Can this strategy be helpful, and in what way is it possible to begin preparing ones trickle marketing promotion?

The technique, of this marketing will enable you to stay away from pestering customers with services and products.   A good way to make use of drip advertising will be to regularly perform something (such as to write fresh contents for your website) every month so that you are able to maintain your identity with your existing customers, plus prospective clients.  By doing this, you will discover that you will have a consistent volume of trade arriving at the door of your business.

The essential thing with regards to promoting you services is that it calls for a good strategy. By just creating a specific strategy and adhering to it all through the year you are more likely to have success.  However, I would recommend that you create a  program for this particular marketing the moment you start organizing your annual marketing diary.

This all seems interesting; so where can you begin your program?  To get you well on your way, below are stage-by-stage plan for you to develop your drip marketing system.

Stages for this Specific Marketing

Stage one: generate a plan, prepare something monthly

Stage two: work out the conclusion with regards to your program

Stage three: come to a decision regarding your target market.  Choose your target market carefully.

Stage four: build steadiness by creating your own catchphrase or even slogan. After that put (your slogan) on all promotional, as well as marketing products.

Tools for Drip Marketing

What tools should one use with regards to drip advertising? The following are only a small number of things that you can use to get the ball rolling:

  • Cards or Postcards
  • Ezines
  • E-newsletter, but be cautious about unsolicited (or spam) mail filter systems
  • Advertising and marketing or discount brochures

Finally, try to visualize your own drip marketing technique as an effective means to build your present and future clientele.  Remember to inform your customers, and potential clients about any merchandise and or products you may have, because this can help you to have a successful campaign.

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