"Electronic Greeting Cards Can Help You To Save Money"

Electronic Greeting Cards or e cards are similar to traditional postcards seen in the shops. The only difference is that they are made or created using digital media.

One of the advantages of e cards is that they can save you money that you otherwise would have spent to buy traditional cards in your newsagents, or Hallmark card shop.

Why spend money buying cards, and spend hours looking for the perfect Christmas cards, or thanksgiving cards when you can create your own? You don't have to pay any money. To see it for yourself click on the link below.

Card Home Page

E cards are more environmental friendly whereas traditional cards usually people read them once and then they are thrown away.

This of course cause more waste for the environment. E cards are becoming more popular because many people haven't got the time to go from card shop to another looking for cards in the shops.

Here for you are some of the online websites that you could sign up for free to create your own e cards.

(a) 123 Greetings.com

(b) AmericanGreetings.com

(c) Hallmark.com

Once you sign up with one of the websites of your choice you will be able to choose the electronic greeting cards you would like to send to family and friends.

With 123 Greetings.com there are several sections for specific greeting cards for example:

At Work Section with the words:

(a) Farewell

(b) Congratulations

(c) Retirement

(d) Appreciation

(e) Announcements


Thanksgiving Section with the words:

(a) Dinner

(b) Family

(c) Prayers

(d) Thank You

(e) Happy Thanksgiving

To create your own Christmas cards, click on the link below. It is all free.


Christmas Section with the words:

(a) Angel

(b) Christmas Eve

(c) Carols

(d) Merry Christmas

(e) Santa Claus

Birthday Section with the words:

(a) Brother and Sister

(b) Flowers

(c) Happy Birthday

Finally, to send greeting cards electronically to your family and friends, all you have to do is to choose the card you want to send then put your email address, type the message you want to send, tick the box to state whether you want to know if the receiver view the card you sent.

After that, put the person or persons' email address and press the send this card button.

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