"Forms Of Advertising And Ten Winning Guidelines"

Forms of Advertising are likely to include local newpapers, magazines, directories, brochures, leaflets, your local radio station, business cards, mailshots, and business cards.

I will tell about a few of these.

Local newpapers and magazines - your aim should be to choose a publication which is seen by as many people as possible within your target area.

For example, if you are aiming to provide a service to householders living within five miles of your business you should then in forms of advertising choose a publication covering that area and preferably (to ensure that your advertising is cost-effective as possible) no wider.

When you have chosen the publication or publications you wish to advertise in you should then decide on the size of your advertisement, and what you want to say in it.

You see, most newspapers and magazines offer both 'classified' and 'display' advertising.

Classfied advertisements is also known as lineage, it is normally consists of a few lines of text under a particular heading. for example, car repairs. They are usually charged at a price per word.

Display advertisements can be also include cartoons and graphs, and are charged for by the amount of space they take up. They are more eye-catching than classified advertisements.

I must tell you that classifed advertisements are cheaper and for many businesses can be a cost-effective way of attracting customers, especially if it is repeated regularly.

Forms of Advertising:

Ten Winning Guidelines For You:

(1) You should have a clear straight-forward message.

(2) You should use few words as you can to get your message across.

(3) In display advertisements try and come up with a catchy headline which will benefit its customers.

(4) In all your advertisements keep emphasizing the benefits of your Click for Cash products or services to the customer.

(5) Keep yourself in the background talk about 'you' (the customer) rather then 'we' or 'I'.

(6) Avoid making extravagant claims and promises you cannot keep. Why? people will not believe you, and you may end up in trouble with the law).

(7) Avoid being funny because other people may not share your sense of humour.

(8) In a display advertisement, use pictures or photographs where you can.

(9) At the end of your advertistment, make it clear to readers, what to do next for example, 'ring 0798...now for an instant quote'.

(10) Return the coupon below for your free brochure.

Forms of Advertising.  Brochures Forms of Advertising are:

Brochures and Leaflets

These can carry more information than an advertisement because more space are available to you.

The message that they convey tends to last longer.

In forms of advertising most people won't bother to cut out and keep an advertisement, a newspaper advertisement will only last as long as the newspaper it is contained in.

After a few days, at most it will therefore be thrown away.

Brochures are small booklets. They are usually consists of a few pages folden down the middle.

They are mainly used to send out to people enquiring about your services, perhaps in response to a newspaper advertisement. They may include prices.

They are relatively cheap, and cost-effective method of advertisting so long as they are given to people who have a genuine interest in buying from you.

Forms of Advertising can be the use of leaflets. They are simpler than brochures.

They consists of just one or two pages, or perhaps a single page folded over.

Because they are cheap to produce, leaflets can be more widely used than brochures.

You can give leaflet out at exhibitions, and insert them in newspapers and magazines (for which you will have to pay a fee).

You can drop them through peoples's letter boxes, or even handed out to passers-by in the street.

In forms of advertising I must say that because leaflets and brochures are inexpensive, it is important that their appearance should not detract from the image you are trying to project.

So they should not look cheap and tatty because brochures are extremely useful in the sales process.
Forms of Advertising is also Advertising Cards. These are similiar in size to business cards. They are cheap to produce.

They can be used in similiar ways to leaflets. These cards can be put through people's letterboxes.

Because of their handy size, people may consider putting them in a wallet or purse for future use than they would with a leaflet.
Forms of Advertising can also be Mailshots. This involves sending advertising materials through the post to potential customers.

This is called Direct Mail.

I will tell you that for the mailshots be to effective it depends on two vital things.

(1) The accuracy of the mailing list.

(2) The impact of what you have written.

For a mailshot to be successful it is essential that the mailing list is accurate. It should not be too long.

You see, writing to people who have gone away, gone out of business or are not interested in your product or service is a waste of time and money.

The best way to build up a mailing list is to start with people who have bought from you in the past, or is enquiring about your products or services.

You can add to this list by obtaining names from directories, trade associations and so on.

Types of promoting your products or services are numerous and whatever form you decide to use choose the right one that you feel is suited for your business needs.

I will tell you about Direct Mail in the next page.

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