"Handling Customer Complaints And Six Steps On How To Solve Them"

Handling Customer Complaints - sometimes from time to time there will be some customer/customers who will be dissatified with something you have done in your business.

So, when a problem arise it is best you solve it as soon as possible.

Nine times out of ten when the complaint is dealth with quickly the customer will continue to do business with you and you will gain their trust.
You see, it shows that you were listening to them. Therefore, they will trust you.

It shows that you care about them.

In handling customer complaints - here for you are a few steps on how to solve them.

Stay calm - When they are arguing it is best to stay calm because it takes two people to argue.

It also helps because you can never win arguing with a customer.

Handling Customer Complaints.  Stay calm.

Let the customer vent - you see, some angry customers just need to let off steam.

When you allow them to let off stream without talking back, they will eventually calm down.

It is then and only then can you deal with the problem at hand without being too emotional.

Listen - you should try and listen to what the customer has to say. Continue to listen if the complaint cannot be solved immediately.

For example, you send them an audio tape in the mail, but they did not receive it.

To solve the problem you could say something like "I will follow-up or "I will call you back in an hour".

Apologize - As soon as your realise who has caused the complaint try an say you are "sorry".

Admit - If you realise that you were in the wrong (it was your fault), try and humble yourself in these circumstances. It is best to admit you when you are wrong.

Decision - If the customer continues to complain try your best to solve it.

Afterwards, make a decision as to whether or not you need to do business with this customer.

When you have made your decision then move on.

Important Statements You Can Use:

(a) Try and use statements such as "I agree".

(b) "I understand".

(c) "I realise this was inconvenient for you".

Why? it shows that you understand and that you care.

Usually, a dissatisfied customer is not trying to hurt you.

Most of them were hurting long before they had their dissatisfaction with you.

Handling customer complaints are easy to solve if the cause of the complaint is dealth with professionally and immediately.

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