"Network Marketing Lies And How To Identify Them"

Network Marketing Lies can be detrimental to a network marketing company. What is worst is that you think that the lie you have been told is the truth when in reality it is nothing but a big outright lie.

You are not to blame and don't blame yourself. If a company tells you that this is how something is done obviously you believe what you have been told.

There are several lies distributors in some network marketing have been told. I will tell you a few and how to identify them.

Network Marketing lie "everyone is a prospect". Have you heard of this one? This lie includes the '3 foot rule' which states that everyone you come in contact with within arms length is a prospect and that this technique would be effective.

It is not so, and not everyone is a prospect. I myself was told this way of prospecting was true. It wasn't until I found out that the people I was approaching was avoiding me, I mean people I know.

How wrong I was thinking that this technique was right and true. It took me a few weeks before it was sorted out.

I learned then that the person whom I thought was a propect was totally the wrong person. He was not interested in having his own business at all. He was happy in the receptionist job he was doing.

Network Marketing Lies

Other network marketing lies that some distributors/salespersons have been told is that "we have the best product ever". This is put in another form for example, the product sells itself.

This is not so because it is not about the product you are selling that is important, it is about the marketing, and how effective it is. What I am saying to you is this; plan what marketing strategies you intend to use.

For example what method of advertising you want to use. Is is online advertising or offline advertising?

What about these network marketing lies "follow the system". Have you been told to follow the system?

Because of this some distributors/salesperson are told that everyone is a prospect and so they forced their opportunity on a prospect who are not only interested in what they are trying to sell, but that same prospect is very happy in their 9 - 5 job.

The distributors are told that their product is the best, and if they follow the system they will succeed.
You see, it is not the follow the proven system, or the product is the best, or even the everyone is a prospect is the problem. The problem is the way people build network marketing.

The methods used are bad and some techniques are not effective, and some are out of date.

Network marketing lies are not helpful to the network marketing industry. Finally, here for you is another lie,"you don't have enough belief".

This is not true at all. What this is really saying is that a person is not motivated, or the person don't have a big "why".

Some leaders in some network marketing business wants a person or you to get to that point in the company where you are sick and tired of being sick and tired of where you are then nothing will get in your way.

It is then your company may or not tell you to listen to CD's or buy books to read to help your personal development or to take a personal development course.
You see, not having motivation or not having belief is the problem, it is using the wrong techniques. It is not just listening to CD's or reading personal development books.

Don't get me wrong I am not saying that listening to CD's etc., to help you in your Network Marketing business is bad on the contrary. I am saying it is the techniques that are used (marketing).

It is all about how you do something and the way it is done (marketing).

There is a book by the name The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing. This book will enlighten you and to get your free copy click here.
If you were in a network marketing company then you would have encountered some or all of the network marketing lies I informed you about.


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