"Network Marketing Offers Real Job Security"

Network Marketing takes away the worry you might have about your future.

You see, when you are in this marketing, there is no need to worry about your future. You won't say will I or won't I have a job tomorrow.

Here is a video about what this marketing is about.

Real security is achieved when you sponsor, train and inspire your sales organisation or downline.

It enables you not only to maintain a remarkable residual income, but in many cases to increase that residual income. Viral Marketing will grow your business There are two important principles to adopt in order to succeed in your business.

(1) Pay consistent attention to your business.

(2) Develop your ability to help other people become successful.

Network Marketing.  Number one way to build a business

It is a sound, strong, and successful way of doing business.

You see, in recent years it has brought dramatic changes in people's life styles.

It gives you the opportunity to sell direct to friends, family, and neighbours.

This way of selling is known as network marketing, multi-level marketing, direct selling, and relationship marketing.

It gives millions of men and women of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds to succeed has independent salespeople. It is built on a foundation of direct selling.

Direct selling is simply and primarily the business of selling a product or service face to face, away from a fixed retail location.

It gives you the opportunity to be "in business" for yourself, but not by "yourself".

One of the benefits of network marketing is that you will have people in your downline who are also building a downline team of people, who are also building a downline team of people and so it goes on and on.

I will talk about downline in later pages. When this marketing is properly developed it can provide you with residual income.

This income is from people you have recruited and trained.

It is also a financial vehicle and is the number one way to build a business. Distributors

These are representations or salespeople who sell products and find new distributors to sell their products.

The company then pays its distributors commission for selling their products or services.
Types of Marketing.

They are:

(a) Direct Marketing

(b) E-mail marketing

(c) Face to face marketing

(d) Mobile marketing

(e) PPC (pay per click) marketing

(f) Referral marketing

(g) Telemarketing

(h) Viral marketing

I will tell you about some of these on the next page.

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