"Overcoming Sales Objections And The Biggest Thing You Should Not Do"

Overcoming Sales Objections is simply a potential customer or prospect way of telling you that they are interested in your product or service.

One of the biggest thing you should not do is to avoid sales objections instead use them to win more business.

You see, when a customer or prospect expresses an objection, what he or she is saying is "I can't buy your product or service because ..... when that happens, you have got the greatest sale opportunity in the world.

This customer has told you exactly what's holding up the buying decision.

When this happens all you have to do now is show your customer how your product or service you are offering is not the problem they see it to be, but instead can benefit them in a variety of ways.

Four things to bear in mind when dealing with objections:

(1) Objections are buying signals - you see, when a customer raises an objection he/she is really saying "I want to buy your product or service, but I want to get this one problem solved before I go ahead".

(2) Objections provide opportunities for you to better understand customers - this includes you understanding how your customer thinks, how they communicate, what their concerns are, where their priorities lie, and so on.

I will say that these are all important clues that can help you to form better relationships with your customer for immediate sales and for future sales as well.

(3) Objections come in many varieties - an objection can be a simple request for missing information, or it can be a test by someone who wants to see how much you know (or don't know) about your business.

(4) Objections help you to move on - once you have effectively handled an objection, it is time to move on to the next stage of the sales process and manage the objections.

Overcoming Sales Objections.

Overcoming sales objections is really a customer needing more information before they can make a decision to buy your product or service.

One tip I can give you about overcoming sales objections is to be prepared before objections happen.

Some famous excuses(objections)that can be made by customers:

(a) Your price is too high

(b) It is not for me

(c) It is too good to be true

(d) I have to speak to my partner

(e) I don't have the time

The above objections is just an indication that your prospect likes everything about the opportunity.

Don't worry.

If for example, the objection is to do with the prospect saying "they don't have the time" then it will be a good idea if you say something to them for example, you can say "the business is very flexible" or you could even say, "it is designed so that they can do it part-time alongside a job or other commitments"

Overcoming sales objections - objections occurs especially amongst salesmem/saleswomen and it is a natural part of the job.

I will be honest and say to you that no matter how good you are in selling you products and services you will face objections. The key is how you handle them.

How you handle objections could be the difference in you succeeding in making a sale or losing a sale.

Always thank a customer or prospect for making a sensible point. Why? you thanking them you are complimenting the client, and this will help them to feel good about themselves which is good for successful selling. You can overcome sales objections by not getting surprised when they come up.

You understand objections by knowing that an objection is not a rejection and it is rarely personal.

You see, many prospects use objections to help them make a buying decision. An objection gives them time to think.

The prospect or customer knows that they want the product or service, and now they are trying to justify it in their minds. In overcoming sales objections there are some things to avoid.

They are:

(a) Never argue with the prospect/customer even if they are right. It could cause you to lose the sale.

(b) Never attack the prospect. It is best to solve the problem of the objection.

(c) Finally, never verbally insult the prospect/customer. It is best to calm them down.

I will tell you how to manage objections and how to deal with objections in the next page.

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