"Prospecting Techniques Has Four Vital Steps You Should Take"

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You might be asking what ways can you make money online. Prospecting Techniques is based on you also having a positive attitude.

You see, to succeed as a professional you must find a way to sell.

The only way you can do this is by opening the door to a prospect's interest.

The right attitude plus activity is a guaranteed formula for you having success. Here are four vital prospecting techniques.

(1) Propect's needs - try if you can and list five needs that you are convinced prospects have.

Why? because this is to give you a clear picture of what the prospect's need and problems are and how your products and services match those needs.

(2) Reasons why - try and list five reasons why prospects should buy your products and services. You see, the stronger the reasons why the prospect should buy, the greater the level of their conviction (reasons for buying), then there is no reason for you to sell to them in the first place.

(3) Probable objections - try and make a list of five reasons your prospects might give for not buying your products or service. It will be helpful for you if you include the obvious reasons.

(4) Answers to objections - again try and create a list and give five answers to each objection. You see, your answers to objections should be based on the prospect's reason to buy your products/services.

I will tell you more about objections and how you overcome them in later pages.

Prospecting Techniques.   Plan your calls.

Prospecting techniques can be article directory submissions, blogging, and viral marketing.

Most people start with free online prospecting, also called traffic generation because they are testing it out so they don't lose money.

I must say that one of the great advantage you will find when you are using the internet marketing technique as a form of prospecting is that prospects are willing and keen to find out more about what you are offering.

It also allows you to avoid having to face lots of rejection.

There is also Pay Per Click (PPC) and paid banner advertising.

Other prospecting techniques you could use is to:

Try to set aside an hour or two a day for prospecting. by the end of the week you should have some names you can call.

When you are prospecting by phone try to make the call short about three minutes.

You see, prospecting is a process, not a one deal. You will have more opportunity to get other prospects. Also, if the phone call is more than three minutes you could be answering questions that has nothing to do with prospecting.

Don't stop or quit. Prospecting should continue whether your business is good, bad, or great.

Finally, plan how many calls or meetings you need to make a week to reach your goals (remember your childhood dreams and keep them in your mind).

Ask yourself are you doing enough prospecting to bring in the amount of business you need.

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