"Referral Based Business Mistakes You Should Avoid"

Referral Based Business I must say to you is more than just putting together a set of strategies and tactics.

It is really a way of thinking.

The key to having a successful referral based business is commitment. Unfortunately, some business owners don't get enough referrals because of the mistakes they are constantly making.

Here I will give you five referral mistakes that you should avoid making in your business.

Mistake number one - avoid lack of commitment. Try your best to show commitment.

An example of commitment is to become a "student of referrals" you can do this by learning from others, watching educational programs, or to read books about how to build a successful business just by using referrals.

You see, what you learn from your commitment to building a business will become even stronger.

Strategies to help your business

Referral based business mistakes that are made are:

Mistake number two - avoid making referrals all about you.

For example, try not to say to your clients or potential clients that your are paid a commission if they were to buy your product and asking them to refer you to others.

The reason is that you would be setting up referrals as an obligation and not an earned right.

Instead you should use a client-centred approach for asking for referrals.

Make it all about the value you bring to the clients and the value they recognise.

Your clients give referrals only when they see the value in the work you do. So, make your request for referrals all about your value and this will extend to others.

Referral Based Business.  Remember to ask for referrals.

Mistake number three - avoid forgetting to ask for referrals. It is surprising how many people in business forget this simply action.

It is important that you don't forget to ask for referrals because you will be missing some huge opportunities to be introduced to some great clients.

To fix this mistake, it will help you to have a 'Referral Journal' to collect referrals.

I will say that using the referral journal technique does not mean you have to ask for referrals on every appointment it just means you won't forget.

Mistake number four - avoid thinking great service alone is enough.

You see, many people thinks that by overwhelming clients with their service, they will refer them to others.

Of course, some will, but it is important to encourage your clients.

For example, you can send your clients thank you cards, and greeting cards, and this will encourage them to tell others about your business.
Referral based business mistake number five.

Avoid letting fear get in your way.

The way to deal with fear is to be courageous and have faith in yourself and your business.

Fear must not win.

You are a winner if you pluck up the courage.

Be strong, you will make it.

To your success.

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