"Referral Marketing Strategy That Will Help You To Be Ahead Of Your Competitors"

Referral Marketing Strategy is a way of introducing new customers or distributors to your business for a acquisition cost.

It is really a way of getting your existing customers to promote your business for you.

Is that not great?

One example, is for you to find a way of getting your existing customers to introduce their families, friends, and colleagues to your products or services, and doing this will save you money.
You see, for this strategy to work successfully you need to do the following things:

(a) Find the right customer.

(b) You need to find the right strategy that best suits your type of business.

(c) It is important that your service be extraordinary.

For example, if you want people to refer their friends then you have to make sure that your service is first rate.

(d) Your offer should give people a good reason, for example, what is in it for me?

If this question is not answered then your strategy won't be successful.

Referral Marketing Strategy.   Find the right customer.

Referral Strategy (1) - when you successfully completed a transaction with good customers it is a brilliant idea to ask do they know anyone like yourself that would benefit from your products/services.

Referral Strategy (2) - this is when you use complementary business.

This type of business uses the same target customers as your business, but is not a direct competitor.

I would say that this works best if you work with one business at a time.

I will say that before you work with a business always make sure that you already have some type of relationship with them.

In Referral Marketing Strategy (3) what you could do is to politely ask the businessman/businesswoman to mail out a stantard letter to all their clients informing them about your business.

You could in return agree to pay the company a percentage of all sales you obtained through this mailing of their letter.

Another good idea is to send coupons worth about 15% to 20% off a specific product or service to customers who sends you people.

To your success.

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