"Weight Loss Guide Top Five Healthy Breakfast Tips and More"

The Weight Loss Guide is an e-book that I came across when I was surfing the internet.

You see, few months ago I had to lose weight because my Cholesterol Level and Blood Pressure was dangerously high.It was all to do with the massive weight I gained over the months.

When I lost the weight my Cholesterol Level and Blood Pressure came back to normal.

I learned from this guide the top five healthy breakfast ideas/tips. They are:

(1) Porridge Oats - I must tell you that this is my favourite. I never leave home without having my porridge in the mornings.

I didn't know this but apparently oats help to boost your concentration during the day.

(2) Eggs - apparently help to keep you full for longer and by keeping you full control weight gain. You can have it boiled or scramble.

(3) Smoothies - this can be made with any combination of fruits that you love and you can blend it with some semi skimmed milk.

(4) Museli - I must admit this is not my favourite but sometimes I mixed it with my porridge. This supplies you with the necessary energy.

(5) Weetabix - has a good source of fibre and it has the necessary nutrients, and is recommended because it is a good breakfast choice for you to start the day.

I learnt that many people spend millions of pounds or dollars on weight loss aids like diet pills, books, and some even planned to have surgery to look good.

The problem with aids such as diet pills is, if you stop taking them you will gain the weight back unless you decide to take them for life. Then there are the side effects.

In this weight loss guide you will find what you can do next with the secret tips and essential steps you can take to keep in shape without relying on diet pills, taking three day diet, or resorting to surgery.

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You see, many people resort to surgery for a quick solution, but in the long run it is only a quick fix and does not really solve the problem.

Surgery most of the time is carried out because of an incurable weight situation and when there is no other solution.

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The weight loss guide will inform you of the 5 weight loss tips you should take to help you on your weight loss journey. One of the tips is you planning ahead.

You see, many people want to lose the weight but the famous words "I will start tomorrow" never materialize. Unfortunately, tomorrow never comes and the person keeps putting on the weight until it gets out of control.

If you decide to go on a plan to lose weight remember to consult your doctor first then plan your actions, and try not to put it off. Start today and you will see the reward.

I recommend this weight loss guide because it informs me of the top five weight loss tips, the 23 negative caloried foods which I did not know about, and much more.

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